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STALEKS PRO Disposable Files – Sponges For Pedicure Disc 25 pcs


Key Features:

• File sponges perfectly polishes the surface of the foot, grinds small cracks, which allows you to keep the effect of smooth feet much longer

• High-quality abrasive has a soft, durable structure; pre-treatment of feet with oils or other means does not affect the properties of the file

• A thick foam base prevents overheating of the treated area, creates a shock absorption effect

• A reliable adhesive base guarantees strong fixation of the file and ensures the safety of the procedure

• 25 pieces of disposable files per pack


• Diameter:

LARGE :                 0.98 in /25 mm

MEDIUM:              0.78 in / 20 mm

SMALL :                 0.59 in/ 15 mm


• Purpose: For Pedicure

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