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Set of 6 Professional Hair Coloring / Tinting Silicon Dye Brushes


  • The silicone brush head can be detached and cleaned, the color is bright and beautiful, and the recognition degree is high. The long handle can protect the hands from sticking to the hair dye, easy to operate and convenient to use.
  • SUIT FOR SALON PROS : Equip yourself with the right tools to successfully master the coloring techniques that everyone wants. These hair color brushes are perfect for both salon professionals and at home artists.
  • DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS : Large brush is suitable for hair volume, thicker hair style and damaged hair, it can be used for fast dyeing.The medium brush is suitable for dyeing the roots of the hair, and quickly penetrates the dye into the hair.The small brush is suitable for dyeing the hair in the area. A set of combs with various specifications makes it more comfortable to use.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN : The hair coloring brush was easy and comfortable to hold, the pointed handle design is very considerate and you can use the other end for easier parting and convenient selecting your hair, won’t cause mess, bring much convenience to your colouring process.
  • HIGH QUALITY : Glossy and delicate, the bristle material of the hair dye brush is soft and firm, fits the hair, and it is easy to dye the hair smoothly and not interfere. Our hair dye brush is easy to clean and not easy to shed hair.

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