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Nutri Care Nutritive Hydro Shock Ampoules for Very Dry And Sensitive Hair


It is a deep treatment with rinse, which restores and conditions dry and sensitized hair
, giving the hair fiber elasticity, softness and surprising shine.

Presentation: 12 units of 15ML

• Intense nutrition and hydration of the hair
• Provides elasticity to the fiber
• Surprisingly increases shine
• Provides softness to the touch

1. Wash your hair twice with Nutri Care Shampoo.
2. Mix the contents of the HYDRO-NUTRITIVE SHOCK well in a bowl with 100 ml. of warm water until obtaining a homogeneous cream.
3. Apply the cream from roots to ends, massage and distribute throughout the hair.
4. Let the product act for 20 minutes with a cap at room temperature, or between 10 to 15 minutes, with humid heat.
5. After the posing time has elapsed, rinse the hair with warm water.
6. Dry as usual.

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