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HAIRSSIME Curly Motion Revitalizing Leave In Spray for Curly & Wave Hair


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HairLogic presents its new Curly Motion range, a specific line for curlers that will help keep any type of curl, wave, loop or corkscrew healthy so that it looks full of movement and shine.

CURLY MOTION’s Energy Complex® technologies treat, hydrate and moisturize wavy and curly hair in a balanced way according to the needs of the hair fiber, providing vitality and elasticity to waves or curls.

Thanks to its ENERGY AK COMPLEX technology with argan oil, Shea butter and vegetable glycerin, it hydrates and moisturizes the hair in depth. Rinse treatment.

SIZE: 300gr /11.7 fl. oz

Can be used for Pre Poo or after shampoo.


As a pre-poo: apply from mid-lengths to ends and leave on for 20 minutes, then wash hair as usual.

After washing the hair with the Curly Motion Shampoo , towel dry and apply it by massaging and distributing the product evenly, strand by strand, from mid-lengths to ends.

Leave to act for a minimum of 15 minutes. Apply it sparingly, with a frequency of at least 5 washes.

Emulsify and rinse with plenty of water.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.

This product is not formulated for use in children.

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