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Hair Highlighting / Balayage Antistatic Comb


Comb for professional use for making the highlighting, colouring easier.

You can now do a foil highlight in 50% less time by using this comb that does the weaving for you.
You can achieve any weave desired – medium, fine or chunky – with this comb by changing the angle at which the comb is held and adjusting the placement of the hair in the comb.
The more teeth that are used in the comb, the finer the weave will be. An even disbursement of color is assured each and every time the comb is used.
Every stylist, even the beginner, will enjoy the ease at which he/she can weave a full head of hair in just minutes.
Comb is made of a strong, flexible, and chemical resistant material for durability but also lightweight and easy handling.



Material: ABS
Size: approx. 20.8x10cm/ 8.2×3.94 inches(LxW)

Package Includes:

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