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BLUZEN Disposable Nitrile Gloves Industrial / Medical Black Latex & Powder Free


About this item

  • ✅ Powder Free Disposable gloves: Black nitrile gloves are prepared through an extensive procedure that are such high-grade gloves that don’t even cause a single rash or spot on your hand after being used. The extended premium quality gives such resistance even that the gloves themselves become the barrier if your hand is in proximity with any fluid.
  • ✅ Formidable Durability: Bluzen Black nitrile gloves offer the user a great stance and maximum flexibility so that you can perform more delicate and precise work efficiently. The gloves are equipped that can even be used while using the touchscreen of the phone. The stretchable and strength of the gloves offer you more comfort and ease to accomplish your task.
  • ✅ Versatile Usage: Our non latex gloves have the strong grade material of gloves that can be used for multipurpose. You can use the gloves in different industries such as home care, IT industries, and beauty industries as well. The touch and feel of the disposable nitrile gloves are very soft and give a firm grip, stretch on your hands.
  • ✅ Great range of gloves: Box of hand gloves has a count of 100 gloves. You can select the size of gloves that fits you best. The gloves have a shelf life of 3-years depending on the storage condition you prefer. The superior gloves are very lightweight and are even good for if you use them at the tattoo bar to avoid the contraction of ink to your body.
  • ✅ Ambidextrous and Finger Textured.

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