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Allpremed® Hand Expert Cleansing Foam WASH 100ml


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Allpremed® Hand Expert WASH


Professional-grade, TIME-SAVING moisturizing cleanser specially formulated for frequent handwashing environments


Available in 125ml can





• Gentle yet effective cleansing for stressed and sensitive skin

• Ideal for settings requiring repeated handwashing

• Designed for clinical settings, gentle enough for home use


Additional Details:


• A thick, rich, luxurious foam with smooth and easy spreadability

• Helps preserve skin integrity when frequent handwashing is necessary

• Instantly degreases

• Saves time – quick-rinse formula with no soapy residues avoids long rinse times

• Strong enough to remove tough dirt yet kind and gentle to skin

• Leaves the skin feeling soothed and conditioned without over-drying

• Economical formula – a little goes a long way

• With nourishing olive, avocado and jojoba oils

• Suitable for delicate and hypersensitive skin

• No artificial fragrances or dyes

• 100% Vegan


For busy medical clinics, bustling homes and everywhere in between.

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