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ADORO Professional Portable Electric Drill Nail Manicure / Pedicure 30000 RPM


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Adoro new generation nail drill! This electric nail polisher machine contains 6 metal polishing bits and 1 main motor. This motor controls the power supply and adjusts the drilling speed, which is necessary for professional manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails and gel nail polish removal. The light weight and compact design of the drill make it a must-have nail drill for both professional and home use. Please take a moment to review these important details about your drill. By following the instructions with your Sparkle electric nail drill, you too can become a professional manicurist at home.





Turn the spindle counterclockwise, choose a polishing bit and push the bit into the bit hole. Turn the spindle clockwise to clamp the bit. Attach the nail drill to the handle. Then plug the charger into the base. of the nail drill. The indicator light will turn on when the machine has access to a power source. It will be fully charged after 2 hours. Turn the circular speed controller clockwise to turn it on. It will light up when you hear a “click” sound. Turn the circular speed controller on top of the Nail Drill to speed up or slow down. Turn right to speed up and left to slow down. 15 To change the direction of rotation of the abrasive bit, you need to press the button on the left. 6 After finishing polishing, turn the shaft and take out the drill bit. Please Note: It takes 2 hours to fully charge the power control device for the first time, but it shortens to only 10 hours later.




FEATURES: High power, portable and space saving. Lightweight and compact design perfect for travel, ideal for professional salon or home use. Designed with 6 metal grinding drill bits and 30,000RPM rotation speed. Easy to operate and specialized for carving, engraving, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing, drilling etc.




SPECIFICATIONS: Input Voltage Range: AC100-240V/50-60Hz Output Voltage: DC24V 1A Battery capacity:2000mA (11.1V) Charging Time: About 2 hours Battery life at full speed: 10 hours Speed:MAX30000.RPM






2036 Nail Drill (x1)


DC Adapter (DC24V 1A) (x1)


Handpiece Seat (x1)


Handpiece Holder (x1)


Operation Manual (x1)


Warranty Card ( x1)


Drill bits (x6)



ATTENTION: the consecutive charging time cannot be over 12 hours.

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