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ADORO Professional 54 Watt LED / UV Lamp


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Manicure / pedicure fast curing LED Gel Lamp with 4 different position of timer ( 10s , 30s , 60s , 90 s). It has 36 pcs UV LEDs bulbs:

– Curing five fingers at one time

– Removable bottom tray for pedicure

– Multi- dimensional reflective inferior design

– Automatic Induction.


For handheld use: 1. Plug the power cord into the outlet; 2. Press the timer button located on the back to turn on the lamp, put your hand on the lamp; 3. After the setting time, the light will automatically turn off; 4. If you want to extend the curing time, you just need to put your hand into the lamp directly, then the lamp will automatically fail, and the lamp will turn on and work again; 5. To press any timer control button to stop operation; 6. Please turn off the power after operating.


For foot use: 1. Remove the bottom of the panel, then put the foot on the lamp; 2. Operate the machine the same as manual use. Special reminder: do not touch the machine with wet hands, as this may cause electronic shock.

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