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2 In 1 Hair Straightener & Damaged Hair Trimmer Umate


Professional Hair Straightening and Split End Trimmer for long damaged hair.

New Surgy -Trim System Technology safely trims the ends of the hair where damaged hair ends and split ends start while preserving the beautiful, long wholesome hair, insuring that ends (split, damaged o dry) are trimmed and wholesome. The Split-Ender unique patented “Hair Plate” is specially designed to guide the hair strands to uniformly flow in and out throughout the “Strand Guards” and safely guiding each and every hair in a straight motion, forcing them to stand straight up when reaching the “Center of the Hair Plate”. The blades snip the tip by approximately 1/4” trimming the ends where burned, dry, damaged hair ends and split ends are more likely to be found. All this! while preserving and leaving the long, beautiful, and wholesome hair strands untouched.


Gear: 80 to 230 degrees Celsius; 150-420 degrees Fahrenheit, switchable;

Modes: 1. Broken hair mode? 2. Combing mode? 3.1 and 3 combination mode boot, the default broken hair mode, the default left turn, display “<“; when set to right turn, display “>” display after 2 seconds To display the current temperature; when there is too much hair stuck, the flashing prompt “–” will be displayed, the motor and heating will be turned off, and it needs to be shut down to clear and restore; (after setting the left and right rotation, the direction is set last time without power failure) Switch to combing mode, the default gear is 180 degrees (for the first conversion, if the power is not turned off, and the gear has been changed, the previous gear will be displayed), after displaying for 2 seconds, it wil display the current actual temperature;

Press M to switch to combination mode, and display in combing mode; Turn left and right need to be set in advance in broken straight hair mode When there is combing function, you can press the plus and minus keys to adjust the temperature range, and long press to quickly adjust the range;

Press M to switch the broken hair mode: press the left button to set the motor to turn left

” (“, press the right button to set the motor to turn right and display

“) “now press.

Start button, rotate in the direction set by the motor, release to stop rotation;

Timing function: automatic shutdown 1 hour after startup;


1.Do not use it continuously in a fixed part as you may cause. Uneven hair trimming.We recommend treating the client’s hair 3 times a section. More treatment may be needed to resolve the customer’s hair breakage.

2.It is recommended to maintain hair treatment 5 times a week.However, if your client’s hair is damaged a lot.Earlier treatment was necessary.

3.Straighten your hair: If you feel that your hair is not straightened, you may have put too much hair.Simply remove some of the hair, comb it, and try the smallest and thinnest part of the hair.

4.Best for straight hair. If you have curly hair. You can straighten your hair properly and use it for better results.

5.Keep out of reach of children

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